Why Cleaning Tongue is Important and How a Scraper Helps?

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Why Cleaning Tongue is Important and How a Scraper Helps?

After a good session of brushing teeth and proper flossing, when you still can’t get rid of that bad breath, know that something crucial is missing from your oral regime. That crucial step is to clean your tongue.

The tongue is one of the body parts that hide the most bacteria. To us, it looks like a flat organ but the reality is a bit different. When looked up close, this flat looking organ has all sorts of elevations, crevices and taste buds which help it to hide the bacteria. The tongue acts like a sponge that absorbs all the bacteria present in the mouth and the elevations on it are where the bacteria like to reside. The surface of the tongue has bumps known as papillae, which is also a breeding ground for the bacteria.

This accumulation of bacteria on the tongue can be a reason for many dental problems. It can lead to the formation of plaque on teeth, bad breath, cavities and even gum diseases. When the tongue is left unclean, the bacteria form a biofilm on it. This biofilm makes the taste buds dull and prevents the tongue from fully tasting and enjoying the food that you eat. Hence, cleaning the tongue to get rid of these bacteria becomes important.

What is a Tongue Scraper and how it cleans your tongue?

There are two widely accepted ways of cleaning the tongue- using a toothbrush or a scraper. A tongue scraper is a dental tool that can be used to clean the tongue before or after brushing. It is designed with soft, flexible plastic that gently peels away the thin layer of food debris and bacteria from the tongue. This small, handheld tool with rigid edges, works similar to a dental floss that reaches every nooks and corner of the tongue for proper cleaning. To use it, you need to push it to the back of your mouth and then gently pull it forward. Move the scraper multiple times along the tongue at different angles. This will remove the bacteria and the biofilm that is forming on the tongue.

Eating a lot of ‘roughage’ such as raw vegetables and fibre rich fruits can aid in naturally cleaning the tongue. However, only eating such foods at all times is not possible, so thoroughly cleaning the tongue every day becomes important. Regular tongue cleaning with a scraper helps to get rid of the food debris, bacteria and dead cells that get accumulated on your tongue over time.

Along with this, using a tongue scraper has the following benefits:

Improves sense of taste: With every meal, the food debris and bacteria form a layer or coating that hinders the ability of the tongue to taste. Using a tongue scraper twice a day can help in removing this coating from the tongue. Once this coating is removed, the perceived flavour intensity increases, making the food taste more satisfying.

Fresher breath: Brushing and flossing can help you to eliminate bacteria from your teeth but the tongue needs attention too. An unclean tongue can be a storehouse of bad breath causing bacteria. These bacteria can be effectively removed with the help of a tongue scraper, resulting in fresher breath.

Improves Digestion: Tongue plays an essential role in digestion. The toxins and bacteria on the tongue can compromise the digestive tract by hindering the production of saliva. Therefore, cleaning the tongue with a scraper aids in the digestive process by producing more saliva and initiating the chemical breakdown of the food particles in the mouth itself.

Prevents Tooth Decay: The bacteria in the mouth are largely responsible for causing cavities and gum diseases. Although brushing helps in cleaning the food particles and bacteria from the teeth, it is not enough to get rid of the bacteria on the tongue. Using a tongue scraper twice a day helps in wiping off these bacteria.

Improves Tongue Appearance: Unclean tongues usually look grey or white due to the formatting of a coating of food particles and bacteria on it. Regular tongue scraping helps in removing this filthy coating and makes the tongue look healthy and pink.

Improves Overall Health: Taking care of your oral hygiene is an important part of your overall well-being. When your oral regime incorporates tongue scraping, the chance of getting cavities and gum diseases decreases substantially. This reduces the risk of heart diseases, cancer and many more deadly diseases.

To conclude, tongue scraping, along with the other important steps, is a quick and fast way to get a clean, bacteria-free mouth. So, include a tongue scraper in your oral regime and see the difference it makes to your oral health.

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