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What will happen if you stop brushing your teeth?

Bad breath must have been a people repeller in the ancient ages too, that’s why the history of brushing dates back to 5000 BC. It is believed that the Babylonians and Egyptians were the first ones to make a toothbrush by fraying the end of a twig. Ancient Egyptians have known to be so vigilant about their oral health that their tombs have been found containing tooth sticks alongside the owners. We would say that they had all the reasons to do so!
Over 6 million bacteria from 700 different species live inside your mouth. Although this universe of bacteria consists of many bad ones that lead to cavities and gum diseases, there are certainly good ones too. These good bacteria help in protecting your mouth; some specifically work to keep tooth decay at bay.

But having these good bacteria working tirelessly day and night, cannot be a reason for you to skip or completely give up on brushing your teeth.

Keep on reading if you are curious to know what would happen if you stop brushing for a day or two.

How bad it can get, you would be thinking?

After a day

Within minutes of stopping, the bacteria get a new home to live as the food debris & moist environment from saliva make an ideal environment for it to survive. These bacteria would then go on to produce a good amount of plaque from sugar.
Plaque is the slimy layer that you can feel on your teeth when you “accidentally” forget to brush sometimes. Also, this plaque is the best friend of bacteria which helps it to stick to your teeth. This allows the bacteria to produce even more plaque making a cycle of bacteria and plaque build-up.

After a Week

The tooth enamel would start to weaken by this time. In addition to that, all this build-up will cause some pretty serious bad breath. Now as we all know “the Yellow Teeth Effect”, this is where you will start to witness that effect. The sticky food particles that usually get washed off with brushing will keep accumulating, creating multiple layers of plaque. The plaque will now begin to harden and form tartar that will lead to your teeth appear yellow.
Sounds disgusting right?

After a Month

The teeth will start decaying and cavities will start developing. These holes in your teeth will get deeper. These cavities will then lead to gum disease because your immune system will attack gums and teeth in response to the bacteria build-up.
Soon the cavities will fill up with pus, and your gums will become extremely sensitive, turning red when you touch it and might even start bleeding if you put significant pressure.

After an entire year

The impact of not brushing for an entire year would be different for everyone. Some would develop cavities and serious gum diseases, some may even start losing their teeth and for others, it may not become a serious problem. This would totally depend on the immune system of each individual. However, to predict, the inner layer of gum and bone would be broken down by enzymes, leading to Periodontitis.

And any longer, the issues will spread beyond your mouth and into your blood,
causing inflammation throughout organs, increasing the chances of head and neck cancer, chronic heart disease, and even dementia development.

Basically, by not brushing your teeth, you will be putting your whole body at risk!

At Nidaan Multispeciality Dental Clinic, we advise you to brush your teeth twice a day and floss regularly without skipping even for a single day. 


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