A Root canal treatment is designed to eradicate bacteria from the infected root canal, it helps to prevent reinfection in the tooth and saves the natural supplements of the particular tooth. RCT process involves tooth cleaning, disinfection process, filling and then finally the tooth sealing.

What exactly is a Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment, which is also referred to as endodontic treatment, is a common dental procedure that is used by dentists to remove diseased or dead nerve tissue from inside a tooth. In previous times root canal treatment was performed in multiple visits. The main aim was to ensure the sterility of the root canal system before obturation. Because sterilization was not possible with biomechanical preparation and irrigation, intracanal medicaments were introduced and used to ensure the complete elimination of bacteria. Despite killing bacteria, these agents, primarily phenolic compounds, were also highly irritating to the periradicular tissues. 

Overdose of these medicaments led to postoperative complications that were erroneously identified as persistent periradicular infections. Hence, this resulted in inappropriate and excessive use of antibiotics which were majorly used to control infections. Ultimately the detrimental effects of these medicaments were recognized and their routine clinical use was discontinued. However, this phenomenon forced to either go for the treatment of root canal in one visit or seek an intracanal medicament that does not harm or adversely affect the periradicular tissues. At Nidaan Dental Clinic we have the modified way of treating root canal in Indore. Our expert dentists offer stress-free dentistry, utilizing high-tech tools and procedures to avoid pain and create a comfortable situation for our patients.  Nidaan Dental Clinic is best in dental services because our team of doctors work with best suitable methods to be adopted to treat the patient.

Why Choose Nidaan Dental Clinic For Root Canal Treatment?

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