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No one likes to deal with dental issues. Whether it is a minor toothache or a severe gum disease, it wants fair attention. With a long list of dental problems, we have a good collection of the treatments too. Moreover, to manage dental health, you might have been suggested visiting the dentist periodically. So, what for? Well, there are many things that you can get done at the clinic to enhance the glory of your smile. The two most common of all are dental cleaning and dental polishing.

What is a dental cleaning?​

Most of the people visiting the dentist have a lot of anticipation regarding the cleaning procedure. They apprehend it to be a painful and uncomfortable process. However, one should know about the entire process before having any such fears. In short, dental cleaning consists of steps to clean around the gum line and remove all the tartar and plaque.

Below is the process in detail:

First of all, the dental hygienist checks the mouth with a small mirror. It is to make sure that there are no major dental issues. If some symptom prevails, the hygienist calls the dentist to make them fine to proceed.
The hygienist now uses a scalar to remove the tartar and plaque around the gum line and in between the teeth.
After all the tartar is wiped out, the hygienist will clean the teeth with an electric toothbrush. It is for the deep cleaning of teeth.
To remove the leftover food and debris, you will be given an expert flossing session followed by the liquid Fluoride rinse.
The final step of the session is Fluoride treatment. The procedure is provided to maintain dental hygiene for at least 2-3 months.

What is dental polishing?

Dental polishing is sometimes used interchangeably with a dental cleaning, but there is a slight difference in the process. Dental polishing is a broader aspect where the teeth are not only checked for the tartar and plaque but also polished to give the tooth enamel a smooth and glossy look.

The steps for dental polishing are as follows:

Difference between the two processes

Dental cleaning and polishing both are an essential part of dental hygienic processes. All the steps performed in the two methods from the inspection to the Fluoride treatment are far more effective than the regular brushing and flossing you do at home.

Now, dental cleaning is somewhat painful performed with ultrasonic devices, whereas polishing is comparatively less painful and feels smooth on the teeth. Some patients even enjoy the process of polishing, which is done with a rubber cup.

Thus, both the processes are related and complementary to each other. Not only this, but dental cleaning can also be called as a subset of the polishing procedure. Now, no matter what you go for, have proper research on that and prepare yourself for the process to avoid any anxiety.

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