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Kathleen Johnson (8)

Why Cleaning Tongue is Important and How a Scraper Helps?

After a good session of brushing teeth and proper flossing, when you still can’t get rid of that bad breath, know that something crucial is missing from your oral regime.…
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Kathleen Johnson (7)

Why is Saliva an important part of your Oral Health?

An average person produces approximately 0.5 milliliters of saliva per minute. Not a huge figure, right? But when we multiply this figure by 24 hours of 365 days, we get…
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Kathleen Johnson (6)

What will happen if you stop brushing your teeth?

Bad breath must have been a people repeller in the ancient ages too, that’s why the history of brushing dates back to 5000 BC. It is believed that the Babylonians…
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Friends or Foes? We list down the top 10 best and worst foods for your teeth!

Just like in the real world, you have friends and foes in the food world too. You may consider all nutritious food items to be your good friends, but it’s…
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Teeth Whitening

Bizarre Myths About Teeth Whitening

5 Bizarre Myths About Teeth Whitening That Will Make You Go “Whaaaat?!” In a country like India, where people love their morning doses of caffeine, teeth stains and discolouration is…
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The perfect solution for a perfect set of Teeth!

The Perfect Solution for a Perfect Set of Teeth!

Your smile contributes to your overall personality and hence Dental world is coming with new and advanced procedures every day. One such procedure is getting “Veneers”. Dental Veneers in simple…
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