Bizarre Myths About Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Bizarre Myths About Teeth Whitening

5 Bizarre Myths About Teeth Whitening That Will Make You Go “Whaaaat?!”

In a country like India, where people love their morning doses of caffeine, teeth stains and discolouration is a common problem. While discoloured teeth cannot be considered a major health issue, it still is enough to take a toll on the confidence level of a person. This is one of the reasons that teeth whitening has become a common practice. White and healthy teeth indeed play an important role when it comes to enhancing a person’s overall appearance. They are also indicators of one’s overall health. At times, when social media has become so dominant and a day doesn’t go by without taking a good selfie, the focus on teeth whitening services has substantially increased. Everybody wants to showcase their bright and white smiles, hence, at least 7 out of 10 Indians search for teeth whitening services on a regular basis. This surge has caused an influx of bizarre myths associated with teeth whitening. And let us tell you, these myths could be so startling that even experts stop and wonder that how would have they even originated in the first place. Well, their inception could be a hot topic for another topic, today we’ll discuss about these bizarre myths.

Myth #1: Acidic fruits whiten teeth

It’s a common notion that certain fruits like strawberries, apples, oranges, etc. can help whiten the teeth but this is not true. There is no scientific evidence that acidic fruits remove stains. Conversely, acidic fruits do more harm than good as they are capable of damaging the tooth enamel. We’re certainly not asking you to completely give up on your favourite fruits, but definitely don’t rely on them for teeth whitening.

Myth #2: Professional teeth whitening damages teeth

Although a majority of people would agree to this, we would like to highlight that this belief is due to the lack of definite knowledge on the topic. The development in modern dentistry has given many teeth whitening procedures that are completely safe. All you need to do is to get such procedures done at a professional dental clinic.

Myth #3: DIYs like hydrogen peroxide are Safe

When talking about DIY teeth whitening, hydrogen peroxide is a common name that one gets to hear. It is a chemical compound that is used as a bleaching agent and is being actively used at homes for teeth whitening. When used in higher than the recommended concentration, hydrogen peroxide can cause tissue damage by creating free radicals.

Myth #4: Baking soda can make your teeth pearly white

A common stance of a lot of people is that whatever is found in the kitchen is safe to be used on teeth. One such popular thing is baking soda. Baking soda is an abrasive which can damage the tooth enamel, cause tooth sensitivity and even increase the risk of cavities. We advise you to use it in your recipes and not on your teeth.

Myth #5: Active charcoal is the holy grail for your teeth

Active charcoal is yet another product that has gained social media recognition for being the holy grail for teeth whitening. But the wow results are not backed by enough scientific gravitas. Moreover, using active charcoal can lead to tooth erosion. One should be careful even when choosing a product that contains active charcoal.

The Bottom Line: Your dentist knows what’s best for you and your teeth. We at Nidaan Multispeciality Dental Clinic advise you to consult your dentist first before using any home remedies or teeth whitening products. If discoloured or stained teeth are your concern, let our professional teeth whitening services help you with it.

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