Bed Tea? Why not! But let’s read about its effects on your teeth first.

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A Girl is taking Tea

Bed Tea? Why not! But let’s read about its effects on your teeth first.

Who doesn’t love and relish bed tea? Everyone, if you ask us. The morning refreshment seems to make our day and remove all fatigue and laziness. Bed tea generally sounds like one is relaxing on the bed and is having a psychologically cool effect on the brain.

Consumed immediately after waking up and before or after brushing the teeth, this becomes either a habit or an addiction. In India, most people start their day with bed tea and it is a common practice.

And we all question if it is good for our health or dental hygiene? Well, the answer is highly debatable and we have some interesting facts for you on the subject.

At one end where it provides us utmost satisfaction, consecutively on the other end, excess of it is harmful to the human body. When we wake up after 8-9 hours of sleep, our body is already deprived of water and food. Consumption of bed tea on an empty stomach, also known as diuretic, can cause dehydration which results in muscle cramps and badly affects regular body functions.

What can be the bad effects of bed tea on your teeth?

  • Tea contains sugar which combines with bacteria in our mouth to form acids.
  • Acids erode enamel which is the protective covering of the teeth and expose the layer below which has open nerve endings.
  • Simultaneously this can give birth to cavities which again can cause tooth decay and ultimately lead to loss of teeth.
  • It is also advisable never to brush your teeth immediately after consuming bed tea.
  • A chemical in tea known as ‘theophylline’ has a dehydrating effect on stool passing through the intestines which results in constipation.

But we can understand that having bed tea combined with your morning newspaper and amazing weather outside your window can boost your mornings and so, here are a few dental hygiene advice we have for you.

  • Brush your teeth at least twice daily and rinse your mouth several times a day.
  • Use Flouride toothpaste as it is very good in reversing tooth decay.
  • All types of acidic food can damage your tooth enamel. But we won’t ask you to stop consuming your bed tea, just limit it as much as you can.
  • The most important thing is to have a regular check-up with your dentist and here is where Nidaan Multispeciality Dental Clinic comes in.
  • Set up your appointment with us today!



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