Are Dental Implants Safe for a Diabetic Patient?

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Are Dental Implants Safe for a Diabetic Patient?

Diabetes has become one of the most common diseases and is noticed on a wide range. It generally causes a rise in blood sugar levels in the body. It should be well treated to avoid other diseases as untreated high levels of blood sugar can cause damage to kidneys, eyes, and other organs.

Being a diabetic patient one should have control over health and hygiene as a mass effect is being observed due to the vicious cycle of diabetes.

Mainly diabetes is categorized into two types: Type1 diabetes & Type 2 diabetes

Type 1 

When the immune attack on the pancreatic cells and stops to produce insulin in the body. It is generally hereditary. 5-10℅ of population comes under this circle of type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 

This is when pancreas produces insulin but it is unable to be used by body in an effective manner. It is also genetic. It is chiefly observed in the aged group and is still noticed among children and youngsters.

Tooth problems with a diabetic patient?

Tooth problems have always been an issue when you have an unhealthy diet and odd eating habits. A diabetic person with an implant or a non-diabetic person with an implant is equally prone to problems when it comes to dental hygiene.

Are dental implants safe and healthy?

Yes! Implants are protected and prudential. It eliminates the risk factor of infections and lessens post-implant intricacies.

If administered by a specialist with proper supervision it is safe to go for implanting with diabetes along with a predefined protocol as it requires a huge time to heal the wound when it is concerned with a diabetic patient.

As long as implanting has become common it needs to be cautious as the successful completion depends on how good one is with his oral hygiene routine and with a proper and balanced diet.

Implantation with Diabetes

It is more difficult to control the infection as the risk factor and other complications are higher in uncontrolled diabetes. As implantation is rooted into the gums and the bones of jaws it is suggested for a diabetic patient to go for other dental implant procedures currently being done in cosmetic dentistry field under proper consultation with dentist about the success rate and failure reasons implanting and its post- complications.


Dental Implants are safe but complicated to be handled by a diabetic patient, as a high risk is involved in its post belongings. So it must be noted to have an implant only under correct supervision.

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